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10 rue de l'Égassieral, 11120 Ste-Valière, France


Thank you for visiting my page!

About Suzana

Suzana has a degree in Journalism and the Science of Communication and in Engineering, Fine Mechanics.

She has worked as journalist for the South African Embassy in Bucharest for 4 years and then she was part of the Bell Mobility team in Montreal, Canada for 7 years first as a customer service representative and then as a Team Manager.


Yogacharya, certified by the French Yoga Federation. Yoga Certified Teacher and Therapist in Ayurveda.

Suzana has practiced Yoga since 1991 and has acquired her initial 3 years training in the tradition Sivananda.

As certified Hatha Yoga teacher, she has 329 hours of Satyananda training at the Hatha Yoga Satyam School in Montreal, Canada.

Suzana has over 1000 hours of Hatha Yoga teaching with several Community Centers and other organizations in Canada and France as well as private yoga and therapeutic yoga classes.

Between 2001 and 2005 Suzana followed the discipline Suddha Raja Yoga with the organization Suddha Dharma Canada and a 300 hours training course in Raja Yoga with the organization Suddha Dharma Brazil under the direction of Swami Narayananand Ayurved Saraswati.


In 2005 she attended Dr. Frawley's Ayurveda Healing Course and became a Certified Ayurvedic Health Educator.

In 2006 she studied the practical aspects of Ayurveda and gained more clinical experience (especially in Pancha Karma), followed by the course of Therapists in Ayurveda in Brazil with Dr. José Ruguê Ribeiro (Swami Narayanand Ayurveda Saraswati).

EFT, TFT, Access Consciousness

In 2011 Suzana took the TFT Healing Course "Dr. Tapping Nature's Healing System" by Dr. Roger Callahan, and also studied Gary Craig's basic, intermediate and distinctive "EFT" training.

Since 2012 she applies and deepens the technique "Access Consiousness" by Gary Douglas and Dain Heer. ( "Access Consciousness Bars")
In December 2012 she published her book "What if you are not depressed in the first place?" Kidle format, available on Amazon in two volumes.

Since January 2012 Suzana is a wellness consultant for the prestigious Spa International "Six Senses" offering services at the Spa in Doha (Qatar) and Marbella (Spain).

Since September 2009 she owns and manages her own center of Ayurveda and wellness in the south of France, organizing wellness retreats, offering individual care and consultations, giving lectures, presentations and consultations on-line.

In her work she also applies other skills, training and certifications.

TFT (Tapping the healer within, TFT Training Center, September 2011).
Access Consciousness (Access Consciousness Bars, 2012).
Coaching Techniques Emotional Intelligence (Certificate January 2015).
Notions of Mindfulness (certificate Demystify Mindfulness October 2016).
Notions of Somatic Coaching and NLP (NLP coach diploma in progress).

Looking forward to working with you!

Suzana Panasian


The center


Welcoming you..

We would be delighted to welcome you to our center in Sainte-Valiere and to offer you a tailor-made program.

You can simply rent one of our rooms and choose to receive some of our treatments available in the menu à la carte. Breakfast included.

An outside swimming pool is at your disposal. We are 40 km (and 40 min) away from Narbonne Plage and there are plenty of beautiful corners to discover and visit in our area.

We can also provide upon request vegetarian meals for 15 € per person per meal.

Bed & breakfast 1 person:

  • Low season: 55 €
  • High season: 65 €

    Bed & breakfast 2 persons:

  • Low season: 70 €
  • High season: 80 €

* High season: June 1st – September 30th

A few days in our small center will give you a unique soothing and energizing experience which will make room for more BALANCE, JOY, EASINESS, FLUIDITY and CONSCIOUSNESS in your life.



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Past Events

Events, workshops, conferences & speeches..

Past Events


Brighton (UK), NLP practitioner training
(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

NLP practitioner training, Feb 2017 NLP practitioner training, Feb 2017

Six Senses Spas, Doha (Qatar) & Marbella (Spain)

Visiting Six Senses Doha 2016 Six Senses Marbella, April 2016

Meze (France) Conference

Stand Ayurveda France, Meze (34), 2010 Stand Ayurveda France, Meze (34), 2010

Beziers (France) Ayurveda France expo

Stand Ayurveda France, Beziers (34), 2010 Stand Ayurveda France, Beziers (34), 2010

Carrara (Italy), Abhyanga demonstration

abhyanga presentation Carrara, Italy 2010 abhyanga presentation Carrara, Italy 2010

Swami Suryananda and Speech on the Mind

Swami Suryanand, Carrara, Italy 2010 Speech on the mind, Italy 2010

Dr. Kailash Datrange, Emy Blesio, Suzana Panasian & Élodie

Dr. Kailash Datrange, Carrara, Italy 2010 Emy Blesio, Carrara, Italy 2010

Valence (France) Seminar, organized by Leila Gem'aly

Séminaire Ayurveda, Valence (26), 2009 Leila Gem'aly bio-énergéticienne, lithothérapeute

Virginia (USA) 5 days Rebirth with Leonard Orr

Rebirth avec leonard Orr, Virginie (usa), 2009

Sherbrooke (Canada) Federation Francophone de Yoga, Colloque

Fédération Francophone de Yoga, Colloque, Sherbrokke (Canada), 2008

Sherbrooke (Canada) Federation Francophone de Yoga, Colloque

Fédération Francophone de Yoga, Colloque, Sherbrokke (Canada), 2007 Fédération Francophone de Yoga, Colloque, Sherbrokke (Canada), 2007

Montréal (Canada) Swa Dharma course

Cours Swa Dharma, Montréal (Canada), 2007

Laval (Canada) Ayurveda Seminar

Séminaire Ayurveda, Laval (Canada), 2007

Laval (Canada) Yoga classes

Cours de Yoga, Laval (Canada), 2005-2007 Cours de Yoga, Laval (Canada), 2005-2007

Montreal (Canada) Seminar The Mind

Séminair 'L'esprit`', Montréal(Canada), 2006